Kashima-arts Mail News vol.47 2018/3

Exhibition "Koichiro Wakamatsu - Song of the earth -

Organizer: Japan Art Inheritance Association
In association with: Kashima Arts

Exhibition Period: March 20th [Tues] - April 6th[Fri] 2018
Venue: Kashima Arts
Free Admission/ #of works: approximately 30pcs

- Event: Cello Recital by Tetsujin Nakanishi
Date: March 20th [Tues] 17:30 - 18:00
Venue: Kashima Arts 1F
Capacity: appx 40ppl (randomly selected by lottery if applicants exceed capacity)
Free admission
Booking: reserve your seat via Kashima Arts HP, email, phone, fax, or in person at our gallery

- Opening reception
Date: March 20th [Tues] 18:30 -
Venue: Kashima Arts 1F
Free admission
Booking: reserve your seat via Kashima Arts HP, email, phone, fax, or at gallery.

A Work of the Month

Mikuma Katen
Frog and cherry blossoms

Ink and color on silk
102 x 41cm / 191x43cm
Click to view the enlarged image

Mikuma Katen painted Sakura(cherry blossoms) throughout his career, and established a style called Mikuma-ha. Mikuma Roko, Hirose Kain, Oda Shitsushitsu were some of the artists who were schooled. His artist name, Katen, means "flower fanatics" or "sakura lover". He devoted his life painting the flower regardless of his poverty. Connoting its fragility, sakura illustrated by Katen bloom beautifully in his paintings. He might have reflected himself in the frog adoring sakura. In his death wish, he noted that he wished to scatter his ashes in the river, and plant sakura tree. This piece truely shows us his passion and love for sakura.



Keikatsu (Art inheritance) event

Art matchmaking - Keikatsu in Shizuoka-
<Capacity 60ppl/ Free admission>

Organizer: Japan Art Inheritance Association
In association with: Shizuoka Broadcasting System Co., , Shizuoka Shimbun

Date: March 10th [ Sat], 2018 13:30 - 15:00
Venue: JR Shizuoka Bldg Parche 7fl (Room1)
Address: 49 Kurokane-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka

Talk Event "Tradition and inheritance - creating new wave in Shizuoka -"
Keita Hanazawa(mag design labo.) & Toshifumi Momose(Hikimono Jo 639)

Special Seminar: "How to hand over art to next generation"

Art consultation booth will be provided by Kashima Arts at the event. Bring art pieces for repair consultation or assessment.
Date: March 9th [Fri] 13:30 - 16:30, March 10th [Sat] 10:00 - 16:30

For booking, call 0120-255-105 (10am-18pm, closed on sunday and holidays)

Art Central Hong Kong 2018

Featured Artist: Kiyoshi Hamada

Kiyoshi Hamada is a contemporary artist in Tokyo. He moved to tokyo to attend art college, and befriended with Shigeyoshi Saito, one of the most influencial figure in modern Japanese art scene, and sought for his unique ways of abstract expression. His approach to art is expressed through his daily process of repetition and continuation of layering, carving, scratching, placing. Those process he continues everyday is much like a ritual of prayer and gives each pieces unique mystique. At the core of his creation, there lies the brightness and darkness he experienced during his childhood, which makes his works captivating. We will exhibit the works that best show his continuous challenge for new values and his devotion.

Artist Biography and past exhibition: Link

March 27th [Tues] - April 1st [Sun], 2018
Venue: Harbour Front, Hong Kong
Kashima Arts Booth: C15

Check out the Art Central website for fair details.

BS Fuji "Art na Yoru" provided by Kashima Arts

"Art na Yoru" aired every Monday, 22:55-23:00 on BS Fuji!
Check out below for march program!

March 5th: Koichiro Kondo
March 12th & 19th: Koichiro Wakamatsu

Access website for more info.


March 15th : [Mind's Eye April issue] An article featuring the interview with classical guitarist Kaori Muraji and president Shigeyoshi Kashima.
March 25th: [Geijutsu Shincho April issue] Introducing our special exhibition Koichiro Wakamatsu - Song of the Earth-

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