Kashima-arts Mail News vol.42 2017/01

Winter Holiday 2014-2015

Thank you very much for your warm and continuous support.

We will be closing our gallery for the seasonal holiday from December 28, 2014 (Sun) to January 04, 2015 (Sun). The gallery will re-open on January 05 (Mon). We apologize for the inconvenience.

A Work of the Month

Reizei Tamechika
The first day of the rat in year

Color on silk
94×33㎝ / 186×46㎝
Click to view the enlarged image

In the Heian period, aristocrats collected sprigs of young pine trees and held a feast celebrating thousand years of prosperity on the first Day of the Rat in the New Year. The work depicting the scene is typical of Tamechika who was well-versed in the customof the court. Though he was born in a painter’s family of the Kyo-Kano school, he copied and studied Yamato-e style extensively, becoming one of the masters of the Revived Yamato-e style in the late Edo period. He pursued his ideals and attempted to create a new type of Yamato-e, by copying the old masters and learning techniques. The depiction is realistic and limpid, with costumes richly colored and fine details painted by delicate brush strokes. The old pine tree standing in the distance may be implying the ancestry of the sprigs symbolizing the future. Based on his deep knowledge of the era and with the technical skills to match, this masterpiece vividly depicts the gracious court life of the Heian period, which the artist adored and idealized.


Event Schedule of 2017

Art Fair Tokyo

We will participate in the Art Fair Tokyo at Tokyo International Forum from 20th of March, 2017. Various events related to the fair are planned prior to the exhibition. Please take a look at the website for details. http://artfairtokyo.com/

Tokyo Art&Antiques 2017

"Tokyo Art&Antiques" will be held from 16th to 18th of April, 2017. It is a gallery-based art event of the district of Kyobashi and Nihonbashi area, aiming to provide an opportunity for people to experience Japanese art and antiques firsthand and become acquainted with the joys of collecting.


The next our exhibition, BISAI 21 will be scheduled from late April to early May. Carefully selected paintings from Edo to modern age will be shown in our gallery. Details will be announced later through our website, newsletter and facebook. Click here for the information of the past exhibitions.

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