Kashima-arts Mail News vol.62 2019/06

【Latest News from Kashima Arts】 The Second edition of Japanese Art Auction MEGURU to be held this month!

Japanese Art Auction - MEGURU- is coming back!

Following the first season of Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- in January, the second edition is coming back at the end of this month. This time, we gathered approximately 500 pieces of Japanese art from all over Japan.

This season's MEGURU features special selection of RIMPA with Sakai Hoitsu, Suzuki Kiitsu, along with MINGEI selection with Munakata Shiko, Kawai Kanjiro and Tomimoto Kenichi. There would be pieces by Watanabe Seitei as well.
The catalogue is available for free, so please send your subscription request to us! click here

Featured artists
- Rey Camoy
- Inoue Yuichi
- Kumagai Morikazu
- Kitaoji Rosanjin

<Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- event info>
Bidding Period: Fri, Jun 14 - Sun, Jul 7
Preview: Sat, Jun 29 - Sun, Jul 7
Bid Close: 6PM (JST), Sun, Jul 7
Bid Open: 3PM (JST), Tue, Jul 9

Venue: Kashima Arts
Hours: 10AM - 6PM

Japanese Art Auction - MEGURU- Official website opening soon!

The official website for MEGURU is finally launching this month. You can now check out all the lots and place your bid on your smart phones, tablets. The website will open mid June!

Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- Official website → https://meguru-auction.jp

Appraisals and consultation in Kyobashi

If you...
- would like to know the value of your art piece
- inherited art pieces and don't know what to do
- would like to sell your collection

We buy all genres of Japanese art, so please feel free to contact us for appraisals/assessment. We would love to help finding the best way to sell your precious collection.

We will hold free consultation events for Japanese art in our gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo. Please book an appointment via phone, email or LINE. Please take advantage of this great opportunity.

June 7 (Fri) & 8 (Sat)
July 26 (Fri) & 27(Sat)
August 29 (Tue) & 30 (Fri)

We handle works by many Japanese artists:
Ito Jakuchu, Maruyama Okyo, Uragami Gyokudo, Kano Tan'yu, Sakai Hoitsu, Tani Buncho, Shibata Zeshin, Watanabe Seitei, Hakuin Ekaku, and many more.

New essay series on Watanabe Seitei's birds by Dr.Takahashi released!

Watanabe Seitei's paintings and ornithology..
Very excited to introduce new approach to Seitei's excellent works through the eyes of an ornithologist, Dr. Takahashi.
Check out the essay from here

A Work of the Month

Arimoto Toshio

Dry lacquer, hand colored, 20/20
Click to view the enlarged image

Arimoto Toshio is known for his mystical style incorporating Western Fresco paintings and Japanese Buddhism. He passed away at the age of 38. This piece was created using a technique called Kanshitsu (dry lacquer) that has traditionally being used for sculpting Buddha. Arimoto Yoko, his wife, states that the three dimenstional work expresses Arimoto's intention straightforwardly. Arimoto was very fond of utilizing his crafty skills, and created wood carving pieces in-between his painting production. There is a certain warmth and nobility in this piece that reminds us of sacred sculptures.


Future events

Japanese Art Auction MEGURU: June 29 to July 7 (preview)

Enquiries about consultation appraisal, please click here.

At Kashima Arts, we provide consultation services for art works including appraisals, repairs, purchasing and selling. Please contact us for free consultation.
We also accept request on our LINE account.

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