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We will help you resolving all concerns regarding the rehoming of your artwork.

Would you like to know the value of your painting, hanging scroll, folding screen, ornament or other antiques?

If you would like
  • ▪to know the value of your artwork
  • ▪to organize inherited works of art
  • ▪to sell art because you’re moving

We can be of service to you!

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4 Reasons
to Choose Kashima Arts

With many years of experience and knowledge, Kashima Arts aims to provide care in assessing and rehoming your precious artwork. With the correct expertise, we seek to enhance the value of your work and share it with a wider network.

1. Wealth of Experience

We handle over 2000 works annually. This wide range encompasses art from prized, fine art collections to those designated as cultural properties.

Introducing artworks to wide range of collectors through various sales events.

2. Media Exposure

Described as a gallery which “proposes new ways to interact with Japanese art,” we have been featured in television and newspapers, in networks such as NHK and BS Fuji.

Featured in BS Fuji’s “Jakuchu wo anata no soba ni”

3. Our domestic and international clientele

With the success of our biannual sales exhibitions, special exhibitions and various other events, we have built a client base of roughly 10,000 customers from Japan and overseas.

Art Lovers gather around at the events hosted by Kashima Arts

4.Our strong relationship with artistic institutions

By sharing artworks and exchanging opinions, we have established a steady and trusting relationship with art museums and academics. In this artistic dialogue we have maintained, we have gained a rare and valuable insight into the world of art.

Talk session at “SEITEI Returns!! Watanabe Seitei Exhibition” (Photo: Mr.Noji Koichiro, Director at the Sen-Oku Haku Kokan Museum, Tokyo)

Inquiries to sell your artwork

Feel free to contact us by choosing any method best suited to you. We accept inquiries by phone, email, LINE, etc.
We would like to kindly ask you to please inform us of the following when making your inquiry.

・Your name
・Contact information (address, phone number, etc.)
・The name of the artist you seek consulting for and the content of your artwork (theme and concept of work etc.)
・Size of work (i.e. the size of the canvas, paper etc.)
・Presence or absence of box, writing, seals, certificates etc.
・State of artwork (presence of stains, scratches, tears, breaks, etc.)

1. Telephone / FAX

We accept consultation inquires over telephone and fax. We are happy to accept any questions regarding your artwork, so feel free to contact us. With this, we will inquire about the details mentioned above, and will make a simple assessment. As there are many details that cannot be seen in photographs (seals, minor stains, or damage for instance), the final assessment amount will be presented only after the work’s condition has been fully confirmed.

Contact: TEL +81(0)3-3276-0700 FAX +81(0)3-3276-0701

2. Email

n addition to the details above, please attach an image of the work to your email. As we confirm the details of your inquiry, we ask you to kindly wait for the person in charge to contact you.

・If you have attached an image to your email, please provide an overview of the work, and, (if applicable) a close-up of the author’s signature, and a photo of the box.


You may submit your inquiries to our LINE account. Feel free to scan our QR code below, add us as your friend and start a chat.

4. Visit Our Gallery

You may visit our gallery directly. Please take care to contact us prior, by telephone or email, to make a reservation.

5. Assessment Request Form

You may contact us by filling in the assessment form on our website. Please fill out the assessment form.

Free In-home Assessment

We will visit your home for assessment for free.
(Free home visit assessment is only applicable to domestic destination)
≫Reservation required

※Do note that this offer may not be applicable and free for all.

Items we handle

Hanging scrolls, paintings,calligraphy, folding screens, tea utensils, works on paper, porcelain, lacquerware, crafts and sculptures.

To corporate customers and professionals,

We offer the service of evaluating the market value of an artwork.

On the evaluation of assets

In measuring the amount of impairment and loss of fixed assets in a company, for artworks included in fixed assets, the recoverable amount is calculated based upon the value and condition of the artwork, as well as the latest market price. While we also accept further consultation regarding sales, do feel free to please contact us for more details.

Inheritance & Inter Vivo

All the artworks to be inherited are required to be properly assessed for their market value. We offer consultation and assessment service for these cases. In addition, serving to enrich and maintain the asset value of your work, we offer further consultations on selling and repairs. Do feel free to contact us for details.

▪︎Market value calculation handling fee 30,000 yen (excluding tax)
▪︎Market value assessment certificate fee 10,000 yen (excluding tax)

Introducing Shigeyoshi Kashima, President of Kashima Arts


Born in 1974, Shigeyoshi Kashima worked as an apprentice for a decade at Kyoto’s long-established antique commerce, Tessaido. Cultivating a vital sense of aesthetic appreciation, Kashima subsequently joined his father’s gallery, Kashima Arts, and in 2009, assumed the position of the president. He initiated the Japanese Art Sales Exhibition BISAI which are held biannually, every spring and autumn. From hanging scrolls, paintings, folding screens and more, from early period to the present day, he proposes an innovative way to enjoy Japanese Art at his gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo, a unique space that allows one to enjoy antiquity in a contemporary setting. As a joint venture with BS Fuji, in 2019, Kashima co-launched the online art sale platform, Japanese Art Auction MEGURU.

In recent years, Kashima’s interest in contemporary art began to crystalize and, as such, began to exhibit at international art fairs, host solo exhibitions for Japanese and international artists and, as a culmination of this passionate endeavor, Kashima opened a contemporary gallery in Kagurazaka in 2020. In addition to these successes, Kashima has appeared in many forms of media, such as NHK and other television networks.

Our Staffs

Tomohiro Takei
“My motto is sincerity.
For the past 20 years and counting, I have always been proud of my ability to be sincere with my customers.
With artworks, you may entrust your worries with me. It would be my pleasure to guide and advise you with my experience and expertise.”


Kota Takahashi
“Since joining the company, I have been fortunate enough to be consigned the works of various customers and, with this, was able to connect and bridge one person to the next. I am devoted to find resolutions for your concerns that is truly satifying to you.Do feel free to contact us if you have any questions about art!”


Kyoto Consultation Service Desk

We have opened an art consultation service desk in Kyoto. As custom, all artwork consultations regarding assessments and restorations are free. Reservations required. Please contact us via phone or email to book an appointment.


TEL: (+81) 120-804-104
After hearing the details of your inquiry, we will schedule an appointment.


Kyoto Consultation Service Desk
313 Yahatacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. 604-0064
Inside “Cafe&Gallery 隠on” (Cafe&Gallery ‘On’)
*Please note that the staffs in charge of assessments are not usually on site.