Katsushika Hokusai, Jippensha Ikku “The Sumida River”

Slight color on paper, with a box signed and sealed by Kimura Tosuke, exhibited at "Handpainted Ukiyo-e Masterpieces", Matsuzakaya
32×53 cm / 117×55 cm

The ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai is a highly celebrated master of Japanese art, renowned for his exceptional expressiveness and outstanding technique, which influences contemporary artists to this day. Jippensha Ikku, the author of the Edo period's best-selling novel "Tōkaidōchū Hizakurige (Shank’s Mare)," complements Hokusai's painting with his inscription. This piece represents a luxurious collaboration between two of Edo's most famous cultural figures.
Hokusai's light and elegant artwork is accompanied by Ikku's poem: "When I look up at the expanse of the sky, I see the mist and the distant mountains' brows." This likely references a poem by Abe no Nakamaro, expressing a yearning for home. However, the scenery seen through the mist here humorously suggests not the poet's homeland but the eyebrows of a beautiful woman, showcasing the playful wit, characteristic of the Edo period."


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