Ryokan, Calligraphy

Ink on paper, with a box signed and sealed by Yasuda Yukihiko, illustrated in "Ryokan Bokuseki Taikan Vol. 2" published by Chuoukoronbijutsushuppan, a former property of Nakamura Gakuryo

24×10㎝ / 191×44㎝

Ryokan was a monk who lived simply throughout his life and was loved by people for his unadorned personality, innocence and noble way of life.
This work, a former property of Nakamura Gakuryo, is one of the rarest of Ryokan's ‘kaisho’ (block style) calligraphy. He left many calligraphies during his 74-year lifetime, but since the vast majority of his works were ‘sosho’ (cursive style) after the age of 55, it can be inferred that this work was made at a relatively young age. The simple and warm lines that express Ryokan's personality, combined with the intricate balance between 'hen-bo' (the right and left segments of the characters) gives the work a sense of intensity and tension. Furthermore, the strength and severity of the kaisho aesthetic adds another dimension that, in turn, presents the transcendent, spiritual essence of Ryokan’s work.

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