The Japanese Art Sales Exhibition BISAI SEN

The Japanese Art Sales Exhibition BISAI SEN will be hosted by Kashima Arts on the 25th of April (Saturday) to the 6th of May (Wednesday), 2020. Featuring works by Ito Jakuchu, Maruyama Okyo, Yokoyama Taikan and other highly acclaimed artists, our exclusive selection of approximately 95 works will be available at our gallery for viewing and purchase. All works will be published in our exclusively designed catalog, so even those who may not be able to visit our gallery may see, enjoy and, even, purchase our works. From the joy of viewing art to the pleasure of owning art, we welcome you to join us at our premium Japanese art sales exhibition, BISAI SEN.

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As scheduled, 2020 Spring BISAI SEN will take place from April 25 (Sat) to May 6 (Wed). However, due to the state of emergency compelled by the COVID-19 outbreak, all visitors will be required to make a reservation prior to their visit.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but, for your safety, we must ask you to contact us in advance through the details listed below.
For customers who reside in Japan and unable to visit the gallery, we offer alternative services, so please feel free to contact us for details.
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Highlights of 2020 Spring BISAI SEN

Chance to Purchase Valuable Japanese Art

Our biannual premium art sales event BISAI SEN is an opportunity for you to
obtain first-rate Japanese Art and further your collection. Spanning from the
Muromachi period to present, approximately 95 works are available for purchase.
Since its establishment in 1988, Kashima Arts has introduced works to private
collectors, museums, various acclaimed institutions, as well as over 10,000
customers worldwide. With this, Kashima Arts has successfully earned its place
as one of Japan’s leading galleries for Japanese art. With every BISAI SEN featuring a hand-selected collection of luxurious Japanese art, this is an opportunity for you to attain the finest works.

2020 Spring BISAI SEN’s Top Selection of Major Works

Spanning for the Muromachi period to the present, this BISAI SEN will feature a variety of Japanese art. As with every BISAI SEN, each work is selected via a strict assessment of its condition, value and aesthetic. Works to note include Maruyama Okyo’s “Dragon in Clouds”, Ito Jakuchu’s “Fushimi Doll”, Ishikawa Moko’s “Rhinoscerous” and Kayama Matazo’s “Insect”.
We will also be offering paintings by renowned artists like Nagasawa Rosetsu and Soga Shohaku, calligraphy by great masters, such as Ikkyu Sojun and Musen Jozen, and more recent works by acclaimed artists like Yokoyama Taikan.

Maruyama Okyo, “Dragon in Clouds”
Taigu Ryokan, “Calligraphy”
Maeda Seison, “A Triumphant General”
Ishikawa Moko, “Rhinoceros”
Kayama Matazo, “Insect”
Ito Jakuchu, “Fushimi Doll”
Watanabe Seitei, “Beauty under Cherry Blossoms”
Ito Shinsui, “Early Spring”

Original and Exclusively Designed BISAI SEN Catalogs

A favorite amongst our customers, all BISAI SEN catalogs contain guest features of researched content tailored towards each event. In “Art Interview”, we have invited Yoshida Akiko, Editor-in-Chief of Geijutsu Shincho, a monthly Japanese Art magazine celebrating its 70th anniversary, where she shares her thoughts on the state of art and media, during a time of change.In “Kyoko’s Must-See ART”, Kyoko from BARBEE BOYS visits Artizon Museum (formerly Bridgestone Museum of Art), a recently renewed topical art spot, and tells us all about her experience of its inaugural opening exhibition, “Emerging Artscape: The State of Our Collection”. In contrast, “Behind the Scenes of Japanese Art” features Tsuchiya Yuko, a Tokyo University of the Arts professor who specializes in conservation and preservation. In this, she discusses how the how art and cultural properties are restored. Finally, in “Suki Gatari (Insights from Connoisseur)” Katsumori Noriko, (director and curator at the Kosetsu Museum of Art and the Nakanoshima Kosetsu Museum of Art,) discusses the work of Ishikawa Moko.

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Kashima Arts has been dedicated to creating original, one-of-a-kind catalogs. While also introducing the works, these catalogs contains interviews as well as essays by experts and connoisseurs. Analogous to art books, our carefully designed, unique catalogues are essential to fans of Japanese art. For those interested, do feel free to submit an application.

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Reader’s digest edition of the BISAI catalog is also available.

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Open every day, 10am to 6pm from the April 25 (Sat) to May 6 (Wed), 2020.


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