Shiori Horie, A Breath AwayGotoh Memorial Cultural Award Exhibition and Showcase of Overseas Training Achievements

Shiori Horie, A Breath Away
Gotoh Memorial Cultural Award Exhibition and Showcase of Overseas Training Achievements

2021.5.29 - 6.12
Closed on Sundays / Free Admittance

On the Exhibition

With the support of the Tokyu Foundation, the exhibition showcases the achievements of Horie’s overseas training granted by her distinction for the Most Promising Young Talent Prize in the Fine Arts Division of the 26th Goto Memorial Cultural Award across three venues in Tokyo. Following the exhibitions at K Contemporary and Space K, the final installment of the exhibition will begin May 29 at Kashima Arts. From the first-ever portraits Horie created during her time overseas to the photographs she took during her days in Paris and her paintings that became book cover designs and illustrations, the exhibition presents a variety of works that showcases Horie’s developments from her early to recent oeuvre.

4/3 (sat) ― 4/17 (sat)  5/5 (wed)  Space √K(√K Contemporary B1F)
4/3 (sat) ― 5/15 (sat)  √K Contemporary
5/29 (sat) ― 6/12 (sat)  Kashima Arts Co., Ltd

Shiori Horie studied Japanese painting at Tama Art University and developed her unique aesthetic whilst studying traditional styles and techniques. Her works are sensitive and delicate, and a sharp vigor purveys through the seeming tranquility of her works. At her first solo exhibition in Kashima Arts in 2014, Horie presented paintings of animals and still life. Profound compassion emanates through the great detail and attention Horie dedicates to her subjects. Tranquil, delicate and ephemeral, you can almost feel Horie’s subjects breathe life. Even further, through the empathy Horie maintains towards her subjects, Horie’s works reflect her own inner tension between strength and vulnerability.


Horie’s first venture to human portraiture came with her return from Paris. In her newfound exploration of these motifs, Horie’s figurative works begs viewers to wonder, what does she express through the human “gaze”? Is it immutability or fragility?


Ultimately, while one may never understand how Horie perceives her subjects, these enigmatic qualities within her work are perhaps what gives them their unique shape. Please witness Horie’s developments that spans far beyond technical mastery.

Artist Statement

To be just A Breath Away

I began making art because I wanted to render what I truly liked, and I wanted to give substance to their inner essence. I am allergic to organic solvents. Because I cannot paint with oils, acrylics, or any material containing chemical substances, I specialized in Japanese painting, and painted only with paints and pigments derived solely from minerals (such as iwa-enogu) or other natural materials, washi paper and glue. To me, natural pigments represent far more than materials for painting, rather, like a cell, they form the things you like by giving substance.

When making art, I begin by placing a subject before my eyes, drawing closer and rendering through continual direct observation. Although the subject is always in front of me, parts of it remains out of sight. By continuing this dialogue over an extended period, I want to draw in closer and catch a hint of their quiet voice. This is what inspired my exhibition title, A Breath Away.

Those who are hurt, wounded or hold sadness and distress are what draws my attention. These are the things I found in the animals, stones and dolls I have previously depicted in my work. However, when I went to Paris, people became a motif I wanted to face in my work.

I feel anxious about those who are silenced and, made to conform their surroundings, forced to sacrifice their true intentions. Looking back in history, such cases are widely evident. Those who spoke quietly were undermined, while those who disagree have been ostracized by society. The voices of “those pained, saddened and distressed”. A voice likely to be trodden over by society. For the first time, I wanted to paint people because I wanted to hear these voices. I paint them, not only to empathize with them, but to be alongside them in their crusade. I want to keep reaching closer to those who are not here and to come.

Shiori Horie

The Gotoh Memorial Cultural Award

The Gotoh Memorial Cultural Award was founded in 1990 to honor outstanding newcomers in the fields of arts and culture in order to commemorate of the achievements of the late Tokyu Group chief, Noboru Goto, who strived to create a rich living environment. The Gotoh Memorial Cultural Award (Outstanding New Artist Award / Outstanding New Artist Award in Opera) is awarded to the young artists who represent the next generation in the fields of art and opera, and provides grants for overseas studies, and a subsequent commemorative exhibition showcasing their achievements. This exhibition is subsidized as part of the commemorative exhibition.

Exhibition Highlights

Figure #11 (2020)
Questions of Being IX (2020)
Statuesque (2010)

The Artist

Shiori Horie(堀江 栞)

Born 1992, France. Shiori Horie graduated from Tama Art University in 2014 specializing in Nihon-ga painting. In the very same year, Horie held her first solo exhibition in Kashima Arts and exhibited solo in Kashima Arts’ both at Art Fair Tokyo 2015. Horie was nominated for 6th Kaii Higashiyama Memorial Award for Nikkei Nihonga Grand Prize and, for winning the 26th Gotoh Memorial Cultural Award, Horie spent 2016 studying in Paris. She won the 6th Segtagaya Art Award “Hishou” and held a commemorative award exhibition at the Setagaya Art Museum’s Kumin Gallery (Citizens’ Galleries) in March 2021. Her wide oeuvre includes designing the cover and illustrations of Yoko Tawada’s “The Emissary” (Kodansha, 2014), writing and designing the front covers of Heibonsha’s serial literary magazine “Kokoro”, producing photo essays for Shueisha’s “Subaru” and illustrating covers for all five volumes of Jules Verne’s “Voyages Extraordinaires” (INSCRIPT).

Website: https://www.shiorihorie.com/

Instagram: @horieshiori

Twitter: @shiori_ho

For Horie’s exhibition history, see: https://www.shiorihorie.com/about-1 

Event Details

Shiori Horie, A Breath Away

Dates & Times

May 29 (Sat) – June 12 (Sat)
10am to 6pm

Closed on Sundays / Free admittance


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