• 2021.09.18

    Inoriis on view from today on through October 3. If you’d like to see our e-catalog, please register with us.

  • 2021.09.16

    In preparation for our next exhibition, Inori, the gallery will be closed from today. We hope to see you soon, on Sep 18, when the exhibition begins!

  • 2021.07.28

    We will be closed from August 8 (Sun) to August 15 (Sun) for the summer holidays. Any inquiries received during this period will be answered on or after August 16 (Mon), the closest working day. We apologize for any inconvenience we may cause and ask for your patience and understanding. Thank you.

  • 2021.03.22

    Noriyuki Haraguchi’s Oil Pool (2020) on Exhibit!
    Whether you missed √K Contemporary’s 2020 March opening exhibition or were lucky enough to attend, we encourage you to take this rare opportunity to see Haraguchi’s last Oil Pool for yourself while you still can.

  • 2021.03.16

    Kashima Arts will be exhibiting in Art Fair Tokyo from March 19 to 21. More info.

  • 2021.03.02

    All results for the Japanese Art Auction, MEGURU, vol.6 have been announced. We hope to see you again at the next MEGURU, scheduled June 2021!!

  • 2021.02.16
  • 2021.02.14

    All bids for MEGURU vol.6 has closed. Winning bids will be announced 16th of February on the official MEGURU website.

  • 2021.02.06
  • 2021.01.27