1.The name of the business operator handling personal information

Kashima Arts Co., Ltd.

2.Appropriate gathering and usage of personal information

Kashima Arts gathers customer’s personal information when required in order to conduct business, and will use the gathered information within the range of the following purposes.

2-1 : Gathering upon

Kashima Arts Co., Ltd. Gather full name, address, telephone number and email address information that distinguishes individuals upon receiving purchasing inquiries / orders / requests for catalogues / inquiries of our products.

2-2 : Personal information submitted upon order reception

In order to correctly dispatch and process the settlement, when receiving orders from customers, we gather the following information by phone, email, FAX and so forth.
Full name (mandatory)
Address (mandatory)
Telephone number (mandatory)
Fax number
Email address
For those who do not have an email address, we ask to place orders through phone or fax.

2-3 : Indemnity of mistakenly registered contact addresses

Even in cases that trouble in dispatch is caused by dispatch information / important communication from us not correctly sent due to a customer registering incorrect email addresses, addresses, or telephone numbers, Kashima Arts will not assume responsibility.

2-4 : Information gathered upon replies to our email newsletters and so forth.

There are cases when we gather personal information from replies to our email newsletters or in the process of product purchasing / inquiring. However we will not secondarily use it without permission.

2-5 : Intended use of information

Kashima Arts will use the gathered customer’s personal information in order to provide optimum services. We will not give or release the personal information you entrusted to us to a third party we have not presented in advance. However there are cases when we will use the personal information intended to accumulate access information in order to improve our service. Please be assured that in this case, only statistical information is used and we will not use information that specifies individuals. Furthermore, we will not supplement information from other sources to the gathered personal information.

2-6 : Means of order / inquiry and our correspondence

We accept orders and inquiries through the order inquiry form / inquiry form / emails and also by telephone, FAX and direct meetings at our company.
We will mainly reply to forms and email inquiries by email, to FAX by FAX, and to telephones by telephones, though to confirm your request in details which it is required to when purchasing art pieces, there are cases that we will contact you by telephone. Also when delivering, to confirm our product, there are cases that we will call on you at your office or home. Please inform us if calls or visits from us will be inconvenient to you. We will consider our handling separately.

3 .Information sharing

3-1 : Information access and display permission

Kashima Arts is the owner of the information gathered through this site. Our employees will be the only ones handling customer information. None other will be able to access the information.
We will reveal the customers address, telephone number, name and so forth to the delivery company / shipping company when requesting there service. We have contracted with these companies an operating agreement which includes confidentiality and contents that will properly execute management and supervision of the entrusted operations.
We will not sell, share or loan this information to other companies or others in a manner not disclosed in the privacy policy.

3-2 : Information disclosure to facilities granted authority regulated by the law

We will not disclose personal information to a third party without your permission in general, though in response to a request by a facility that is granted authority regulated by laws of the country, local government, court, police or others, we will disclose the information without your consent.

4 .Customer’s options

4-1 : Email newsletter registration-cancellation

If you do not wish to continue receiving our email newsletters, you will be able to make the cancellation on the email news page’s registration-cancellation button.

4-2 : Shipment refusal of catalog magazines

If you do not wish to receive the art work sales catalog sent from us, we will stop shipping you the catalog thereafter unless requested again from you upon your informing us by telephone, email, FAX or so forth.

4-3 : Request of disclosure or revision of customer information

We will correspond to requests of information disclosure, discontinuance of the utilization, revision of the email address, telephone number, Fax number registered on this site, when requested by the customer owning the information. In this case, for identity verification purposes we will ask your full name, address, telephone number, Fax number and email address.

4-4 : Links to third party sites

Kashima Arts will not bear any responsibility for the privacy policy of external sites we have linked. We recommend you to read the personal information gathering and privacy policy of the external site when you visit one from our link. The privacy policy published here applies only within the boundaries of this site.

5.Safety management of personal information

Kashima Arts takes and endeavors to improve security control measures to prevent disclosure, loss, damage, unauthorized access to your personal information.

6.Obeying the laws related to personal information and other standards

Kashima Arts obeys the law related to the protection of personal information, the law in connection with and guidelines of the protection of personal information regarding the handling of personal information.

7.Intended use of personal information

Kashima Arts will use customers information for the following purposes.

Confirmation of or delivery of purchased products or services
Billing, payment and confirmation of those for products or services
Follow-up service for the products or service
Sending notices of products or services
※Products and services includes art pieces, old books, classical documents, new books and exhibitions / events.

8.Correction of personal information

If there is an error in the personal information that we are managing, please inform us and we will take measures to correct the information. Also please inform us if you do not wish to receive letters or emails from us. We will suspend the sending of information without delay. When requested from the customer or the representative the disclosure or notification of purpose of use regarding the personal data we hold, we will endeavor to process the request without delay and correspond within a reasonable and necessary range in accordance with the inquired points. You will understand and accept that we will refuse the request if it does not meet the inquired points.

9. Protection and management of the information

9-1 : Security of the SSL and the server / terminal

In order to protect your personal information, Kashima Arts uses SSL (secure socket layer) as security in our inquiry forms and so forth that encrypts data sent on the internet. The information you input in our various forms will not be stored in the web access domain of the rented server. Under our companies thorough information management (limiting access authority), we endeavor to strictly supervise and manage all entrusted personal information received from you. Furthermore, we have installed a virus checker program in all operating PC terminals and apply the latest pattern file version.

9-2 : Usage of Cookie

There are cases we use Cookie for the purpose of expanding our service function. Cookie is a text file that provides a function that recognizes users that repeatedly visit a website, that provides you useful functions. Cookie is to be set up in the customer’s personal computer and the information will not be stored in our server. We can distinguish individual personal computers though cannot distinguish your full name, address, telephone number and so forth. You are able to refuse the browser set up request sent by our site, though in that case you will not be able to receive some of our services provided on this site. Please inform us by email or by telephone if this occurs.

10 . Changes in personal information protection policy

When we will make alteration in the fundamental principle in the personal information handling, we will post the information on this page. Upon this, customers visiting this site will be able to understand how this site gathers and uses the gathered information. This site will be using the information in accordance with the privacy policy set at the time of the information gathered, though there are cases that we will use the information in methods that does not meet the policy at that time, which we will also post on this page. You are endowed with the right to choose whether or not to accept these changes, and in cases you do not agree, please notify us to the following contact.

11. Establishment of the personal information inquiry window

Establishing a personal information inquiry window, Kashima Arts appropriately corresponds to the handling of personal information.
Personal information inquiry window
3-3-2 1F, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0031
Kashima Arts Co., Ltd. Personal information inquiry window, Kashima Ichiko
March 1st, 2011
Kashima Arts Co., Ltd. CEO, Kashima Shigeyoshi

Any opinions / questions regarding the handling of personal information, please contact Kashima Arts Co., Ltd. (