Kawai Kanjiro



Kawai Kanjiro was a Showa period potter. Born in the Shimane prefecture, he graduated from the Ceramics Department of the Tokyo Higher Polytechnical School at 24 years old and entered the Kyoto Municipal Ceramics Laboratory. It was said that he tested roughly 10,000 glazes with Hamada Shoji. At 30 years old, he built his own kiln, "Shokeiyo", in Gojozaka, Kyoto. Influenced by Bernard Leach, he joined the Mingei movement started by Yanagi Muneyoshi, along with Hamada Shoji. Whilst he initially began basing his designs around ancient Chinese and Korean wares, he matured into the more elaborate glazes and techniques. In his later years, his works were exhibited and awarded at many exhibitions such as the Paris Expo and the Milan Triennale.