Kobori Tomoto


Kobori Tomoto (1864-1931) was a Japanese painter of the Meiji to Showa period. Born in Tochigi Prefecture. His birth name was Keizaburo. He originally trained under Kawasaki Chitora and then went on to study Tosa school painting under Kawabe Mitate. After joining the Nihon Seinen Kaiga Kyokai (Japan Youth Painting Society) and the Nihon Kaiga Kyokai (Japan Painting Association), he participated in the founding of Nihon Bijutsuin (The Japan Art Institute) as a full-time member and, later, became active in Kanten exhibitions (government-sponsored exhibitions). He was instrumental in the revival of Yamato-e painting and favored historical subjects and warrior portraits. He taught at the Tokyo Art Academy and led artists such as Yasuda Yukihiko and Kawasaki Shoko, under his tutelage. He was an Imperial Household Artist, Imperial Fine Arts Academy member, and a Bunten juror.