Nakamura Gakuryo


Nakamura Gakuryo (1890-1969) was a Japanese Nihonga painter and designer of the Taisho to Showa period. He was born in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture. He graduated from the Tokyo Art Academy, and studied under Kawabe Mitate. In 1930 he participated in the formation of the Rikucho-kai together with Fukuda Heihachiro and Makino Torao. Received the Order of Cultural Merit in 1962.
Gakuryo is well-known for his mastery of Tosa style painting and his simultaneous incorporation of the drawing techniques found in early modern Western paintings. Featuring exquisite lines and vibrant colors, he has created many original masterpieces and his work spans a wide range of genres, from figure painting to genre and landscape painting.