Saigo Nanshu



Saigo Nanshu (1827-1877) was a Bakumatsu (end of Edo)-Meiji period politician and samurai of the Satsuma domain. He was born in modern-day Kagoshima under the name, Saigo Kokichi or Kichinosuke, and was named Takamori in adulthood. His artist name is Saigo Nanshu. He was the leader of the opposition to the Shogunate and led the Saccho Alliance, the Restoration of Imperial Rule and the Boshin war. Following the Meiji Restoration, he became a government council member and supported the Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures), but returns to his hometown following the failure of Seikanron (subjugation of Korea). He then became part of the Satsuma Rebellian (Seinan War) and committed seppuku after losing the battle.