Since 2007, Kashima Arts has hosted the art exhibition and sales event, BISAI.

Celebrating our 30th anniversary, we renewed as BISAI SEN in the spring of 2019.

Biannually, every autumn and spring, we announce the works we have selected exclusively for this exhibition. BISAI SEN provides a rare opportunity to experience these excellent museum quality pieces directly, without the display case. Do take this opportunity to anticipate, follow and enjoy the selection of works that we, at Kashima Arts, have so carefully curated.


The Japanese Art Auction -MEGURU- is a place where those who seek to sell and or buy Japanese art meet. Cultivating expertise and trust, we, at Kashima Arts, are proud to offer a place for art lovers to discover new art. To those who want to sell their art to someone who will value it, or to those who have always wanted to buy art, but always found it too expensive- here is a marketplace for Japanese art that welcomes, both, beginners and collectors alike.