Essays : Yulia's Voyage to Japanese Art

The kimono stylist, DJ and fashion model with outstanding aesthetic sense, Mademoiselle Yulia shares her insight through the art column “Yulia's Voyage to Japanese Art”, where she discusses Japanese paintings from her own unique perspective.
Join Yulia along on her exciting journey into the world of Japanese painting, where she deepens her knowledge of Japanese art!


Watanabe Seitei, the solitary painter. Dr. Masao Takahashi, the ornithologist. In this essay series where two deceivingly disparate entities intersect, Dr. Takahashi gifts us with the insight of his great expertise and knowledge. Seperate from art criticism, the orinthological rendering of Dr. Takahashi allows us to appreciate Seitei’s paintings of birds in a wholly new perspective. This unique series is something which could not be read or duplicated elsewhere.


A collection of interviews and discussions. Such talks feature acclaimed academics and scholars, to celebrities and private art collectors.