Ohara Koson, White Egret and Mandarin Ducks

A diptych, color on silk, with a box signed and sealed by the artist

126×49㎝ / 221×65㎝

Ohara Koson was active during the end of the Meiji, to the Taisho and Showa era. He studied under Suzuki Kason and was a well-renowned master of bird-and-flower paintings, especially in Europe. Koson is known for his many hanga prints, however, his paintings are very rare.

Over recent years, this work has received increased reevaluation. From the simplicity of the snow-covered pine branches to the delicate rendering of the egret and mandarin ducks, the work carries a particular air of elegance and sophistication. Merging traditional Japanese painting with realism, the work's innovative aesthetic is a reflection of its time and gives viewers a sense of how the Meiji era came to represent a time of change and innovation.

Learn more about Ohara Koson, here


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